Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pruning Demo Follow-Up

A BIG thanks to all who stopped by the demo Saturday. There were many great questions asked and I was able to assist enthusiastic pruners in picking out new tools that would help them get their gardening work done. If you didn't have the opportunity to stop by, here's a little bit of what you missed.


Why Maintain Your Tools?
- Reduce the spread of disease
- Make clean cuts
- Prevent rust & damage

Steps to Cleaning & Sharpening Your Tools
- With soapy water and Scotch Brite pad or steel wool remove any sap or dirt on blade, handle and mechanisms.
- Place sharpening tool against the beveled blade edge pushing in forward motion away from the inside of the tool to the outer tip of the blade. (I suggest using a Corona 8300 sharpening tool or oil stone with light mix of oil ½ kerosene & ½ 30 oil.)
- Run sharpening tool lightly on the outside flat edge of the blade to remove any metal burrs.

- Using a cloth, wipe down blade and mechanisms with light oil mix to help prevent oxygen from oxidizing the steel
- WD-40 the gears and mechanisms

Why Prune?

- Encourage healthy growth
- Rejuvenate older plants
- Maintain shape & size
- Encourage flower & fruit production

Dormant Pruning – (November-March) This is the best time to prune while plants are in a dormant state to avoid damage to plant. Invigorates new growth.
Spring & Fall Pruning – (post dormancy & pre dormancy) The least desirable time to prune as it can leave plants most vulnerable.
Summer Pruning – Reduces vigorous new growth and slows re-growth. Heavy pruning should be avoided.

4 Basic Pruning Rules
- Remove dead, dying & diseased limbs
- Thin crossing branches and limbs heading into the interior of the plant
- Eliminate hazardous branches
- Repair damage

For More Pruning Information with great visual diagrams visit the website link to the 

Other Great Pruning Resources Include:



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Storm Fun

Snow Storm January, 2012
Ok, perhaps not so fun now that the snow has turned to freezing rain and all of the PNW is on high-alert including the 24 hour loop of breaking news from the 'ice desk' on King 5. Either way, I'm finding ways to enjoy it from the warm comfort of my work desk and have been busy catching up on emails and maybe more fun, updating our facebook page photo album! So, if you haven't checked in yet today, make sure you do! In the meantime, check out the other ways we've found to have fun with our forced days off!

The builiding of Nathan's snow day Buddha

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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