Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

I realize that my birthday was well over a month ago at this point but I forgot to show you the gift I gave myself inspired by a previous post!

I purchased this beautiful Sprout Teardrop Terrarium from the West Seattle Nursery on one of my infrequent visits "across the pond" where I also purchased three varieties of Tillandsia aka Air Plants. The white rock I used was purchased from a local pet supply store.

If you aren't familiar with Tillandsia plants I encourage you to get acquainted. These plants can make anyone appear to have a bright and shiny green thumb. Tillandsia are a member of the Bromeliad family and are found in the deserts, forests and mountains of Central and South America as well as Mexico and the Southwest US. These plants are unique in the way that they have adapted to collect moisture from the air, dust and decaying plant matter and don't require soil for survival. Air Plants will often multiply which will continue the plants lifecycle as they typically die after flowering. I've hung my terrarium in a sunny location under the skylight in our bathroom where it enjoys the humidity from our showers!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Peacock - BOO!

Look who we found wandering around a client's garden this past week!

It's like she was meant for this garden, no?